Easy Way To Save Storage Space Web Hosting
If you build a website using CMS like WordPress or Joomla, certainly you use web hosting to store all data in a website such as a web framework, database, text, images, video, audio and more. Multimedia data that large will certainly make your web hosting capacity becomes full, even very fast full-when you upload a… (1 comment)

Things To Look Before Buying Web Hosting
There are some things you need to know before buying web hosting. Never look at the price of the rent, look at the reviews from people who’ve been more used to using web hosting services in place that you are pointing to. Most lay people would prefer the cheap web hosting because it is very… (2 comments)

The Best WordPress Themes In 2020
For those of you who just build a website with WordPress, you probably confused as to whether You want to use the free or premium WordPress themes. Premium WordPress themes itself is paid theme that you can get from third parties outside of the themes provided by WordPress. You may also be wondering why you… (2 comments)

How To Use FTP On Android Phone
FTP or File Transfer Protocol is now available on all major operating systems including Android phones. FTP itself is used by some computer software as a means to transfer files (send and receive) that we often we know the term upload and download. Not just in the computer, it turns out that the FTP protocol… (0 comment)

Get Free SSL for Your Website or Blog
After many incidents of theft of data on the internet particularly through a website, now with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) becomes one the antidotes of all virtual crimes. The reason, SSL is able to fend off various attacks launched by the hacker or attacker. SSL works by encrypting data sent and received by the server.… (0 comment)