Get Free SSL for Your Website or Blog

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Free SSL

After many incidents of theft of data on the internet particularly through a website, now with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) becomes one the antidotes of all virtual crimes. The reason, SSL is able to fend off various attacks launched by the hacker or attacker.

SSL works by encrypting data sent and received by the server. With using SSL protocol any data no matter what you do on SSL encrypted and increases safe because nothing will be able to read your data.

Encryption systems are also applied to different types of chat application just like WhatsApp and Telegram to protect the security and privacy of its users. Large websites including e-commerce and banking have also been thoroughly using the SSL protocol to add security and avoid data theft.

An SSL certificate is sold freely on the internet, ranging from personal upo to business class. Now you easily find a provider (reseller) SSL on the internet including web site hosting local who usually also provide Secure Socket Layer services like Namecheap.

Is there SSL for free?

If your bobby like me ‘free’, it seems we can be thankful because now many Free SSL provider that we can use to add security to your website or blog.

Cloudflare is the pioneer of free SSL most popular and much sought after. This internet security company provides free SSL can be used for website, blog (like a WordPress Non-Hosted) or anything sites which is completely free.

Before you continue reading this post to using SSL free of Cloudflare, make sure your website already integrated with CDN service of Cloudflare. To do this, you need to add your site in Cloudflare and replace Nameserver (NS) your domain with NS provided by Cloudflare. If already now you can continue to use SSL for free.


Get Free SSL for Your Website or Blog


Note: Please focus to read this step by step given below carefully. If you skip a step, it could be fatal and your website is not accessible.


1. First, you need to sign in to official website Cloudflare and make sure your domain name have listed there as I mentioned above. You should has a website that already integrated with CDN Cloudflare.

2. Hover over the top left and click the domain name you want to give free SSL.

Domain Listed in Cloudflare

3. Next, select the Crypto on the section navigation menu.

Crypto in Cloudflare

4. Change the SSL section be Flexible.

SSL Flexible Cloudflare

When you change settings, scroll to the bottom and find two more menus you should change that is Always use HTTPS and Automatic Rewrites HTTPS then enable both.

Always use HTTPS Cloudflare

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites Cloudflare

5. Up here you have enabled SSL but not yet fully because it must adjust Page Rules to complete. To Complete, select the Rules Page menu in the navigation menu, then add the settings like this:

Add Page Rules in Cloudflare

You must fill in the URL with the name of the domain non-www and www that ends with a slash and asterisk (/*). After that, select Always use HTTPS in section Add a Setting. Then the result will be like this:

Page Rules in Cloudflare

When you view the same settings with the image above, it indicates you have successfully created the Page Rules. Now you just need to wait a few moments until the SSL can work on the website. It usually takes a few hours.

That’s how to get and use free SSL. Even you can also save bandwidth with free CDN service provided Cloudflare.

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