How To Apply Google Keyword Planner To Research Best Keywords

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Google Keyword Planner

Not long ago Google changed the look of Adwords and registration page that imposes user to register before use of keyword research tools. Google Keyword Planner or tools for keyword research is indeed located inside Adwords account and those tools can only be used by the owner of Adwords account is already registered.

Because of such changes a lot of bloggers and webmasters who want to use Google Keyword Planner into trouble because the listing page almost makes people who are not careful will be trapped in payment (top-up). If already in the top-up page, you will not be able to do much except doing a top-up to advertise or leaving Adwords and search for keyword site planner alternatives such as KeywordTool.io or other keyword research provider sites.

What is a benefit of Keywords?

The useful keywords can improve quality and appear your website or blog at the top of Google search results or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This allows you to get a lot of visitors. And if your website is an online store, that will be very useful because it can increase your sales.

For those of you who are still confused about How To Apply Google Keyword Planner, here I will explain step by step so you can use it for free without having to do the charging of funds in Adwords.

NOTE: I recommend you use Gmail account that has never been associated with Adwords. This need makes you easy to sign up.


How To Apply Google Keyword Planner To Research Best Keywords


1. You must first sign in to Gmail account and after that go to the Google Keyword Planner page and then click Start Using Keyword Planner like this image below.

Start Using Keyword Planner

Then you will be directed to a new page that is invited to sign up for Adwords. A lot of bloggers and webmasters are stuck at this step due to not read it carefully and thoroughly. The page is indeed showing a valid registration form, but that for a paid Adwords account.

Well, for you that want to register Google Keyword Planner for free, do not fill out the form but click the link that says Skip the guided setup.

Skip Adwords

2. Once you click that link, the page will reload and display the actual registration form.

Form Registration Google Keyword Planner

Fill in all data correctly and click Save and continue.

3. Congratulations! Your Google Keyword Planner account’s you can now already used. Try to search for some keywords that you want to research.

Form Search Google Keyword Planner

By following steps above you don’t need to pay to use Google Keyword Planner. You can even use it as the best research tool. Of course, Google Keyword Planner very good than keyword research tools on other sites because this officially created by Google for their advertisers.

Are you still researching keywords with a classic way that is inaccurate?

Google provides Keyword Planner Tool for all of us and it is absolutely free!

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