How To Change Design Of WhatsApp On Android Similar To iPhone

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WhatsApp Mods

Lately users WhatsApp Mods are more and more, the proof of my post about WhatsApp go to the list of popular articles this month.

Whatsapp Mods indeed is not odd apps for the person who a hobby of modifications Android phones. Whatsapp Mods being the easiest alternative is used, even many application maker WhatsApp Mods who shared applications its modif results for free such as YOWA (YoWhatsApp) and FMWA (Fouad Mods WhatsApp) which is now into two favorite WhatsApp Mods app among Android users.

Whatsapp Mods application is WhatsApp original disassembled and coupled with features such as privacy and unofficial mod that will make the user feel more freely using WhatsApp.

NOTE: Because in a previous article that discusses about how to use the Multi WhatsApp on one mobile phone has me explain about WhatsApp Mods, so in this article I explain no more. For those of you who do not know and want to know about WhatsApp Mods can read the previous article.

Well in this article I want to share a special theme for WhatsApp Mods application user ie YOWA and FMWA is already 80% similar to the display WhatsApp on the iPhone or iOS. See this appearance of the main chat screenshots:

Main Chat
Main Chat


What do you think? Whether good or vice versa? It depends on the tastes of each.

For you who want to changed WhatsApp look like the screenshot above can use YOWA or FMWA because the theme will I share this only works well on both.

Okay we directly into the stage of installation of themes iPhone or iOS to change the design of your WhatsApp. Please following step by step:


How To Change Design Of WhatsApp On Android Similar To iPhone


1. Make sure you have installed one of the WhatsApp Mods application ie YOWA or FMWA in your phone. If don’t have it you can download it here.

INFORMATION: Both of these applications is the clone, meaning it can run simultaneously with WhatsApp Official application which you download from Play Store.

2. Login to WhatsApp Mods you install with a different telephone number with numbers that are on WhatsApp Official. If you have only one phone number, delete WhatsApp Official app, then login to WhatsApp Mods.

After a successful login you will find many additional menu on the application WhatsAapp Mods that can be customize with desire. Now, skip a lot menu of it is because we will change the themes in advance in order to be similar to the iPhone, according to the title of this article.

3. Download theme iPhone or iOS for the FMWA or YOWA here. If you already downloaded the theme, then select the settings menu.

If you are in the settings menu, select the menu YoThemes (because I use YOWA so theme settings named is YoThemes (for WhatsApp Mods others has a different theme settings name).


And select again Load theme, next select the file of theme that you downloaded above and Apply.

Load Theme


4. Finally click back until you return to the home page of WhatsApp and see how it looks.

Congratulations, now you can already use WhatsApp on Android with iPhone style.

For the adjustment of the layout, icons, privacy, and other mods features you can adjust on the settings menu.

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