How to Convert Video MKV with Subtitle SSA to MP4 Hardsub

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Convert Video MKV to MP4

Many of us may still not understand how to convert videos from MKV with SSA subtitles to MP4 hardsub. But this is very easy to do, even in just a few simple steps.

In this post, sogellizer.uk will share how to convert videos from MKV with SSA subtitles to MP4 Hardsub, which of course you need so that videos can be played in various gadgets.

As we know, MKV videos with synchronized SSA subtitles are not very popular and sometimes some gadgets can’t play them properly. Therefore, this conversion was carried out so that MKV video with SSA subtitles became MP4 hardsub format, which was supported by almost various types of gadgets, ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, to televisions that support video player.

How do I convert MKV videos with SSA subtitles to MP4 hardsub? Here are the steps:

1. First, you need to download free software called Handbrake from their official site at https://handbrake.fr then install it on your laptop or computer.

2. After Handbrake is installed, open the software and set the default Output Files to MP4 by clicking Preferences then Output Files, and changing to MP4.

Setting Output Files Handbrake

3. Open your video that has MKV format which has SSA subtitles by clicking Open Source in the upper left corner of the Handbrake window.

4. Adjust basic settings before converting. I suggest that you use simple settings like I did, namely in the FPS (no 1) and Subtitles (no 2-3).

Setting FPS Handbrake

Setting Subtitle Handbrake

5. After the settings have been applied, now you click Start Encode and wait until the conversion process is complete. This process usually takes a while, but this cannot be avoided other than waiting for it.

6. After the conversion process is complete, you can see the results in the Video folder.

Video Convert by Handbrake

Congratulations! You have successfully converted MKV video with SSA subtitles to MP4 hardsub.

This method is useful for converting anime videos that generally use the MKV format and with SSA subtitles. This is done by the translator so that the file size to be uploaded is smaller than making it into MP4.

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