How to Download Images on Flickr that are Protected

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As we all know, Flickr is the most popular photo-sharing site on the Internet. There are millions of images uploaded by users, and each registered user can set the privacy of every picture they upload.

Most of the images on Flickr can be downloaded even though we don’t log on to the site. But, there are also picture owners who deliberately protect their photos so they can’t be downloaded by anyone and can only be seen.

Because of that, I will share experiences on how to download images on protected Flickr (there is no download menu) and the method is still the same as How to save images from Google Maps.

Like what the steps are, here are guidelines for downloading images on the protect Flickr:


How to Download Images on Flickr that are Protected


1. Open the Flickr site and find the image you want to download but there is no download menu.

2. Right-click on the mouse and select Inspect Element. You can also use the CTRL+Shift+C hotkey to open the Inspect Element menu.

Download Image on Flickr 1
Image via : Flickr.com/Eddie Crimmins


3. Navigate the cursor to the Application and select Image as below.

Download Image on Flickr 2
Image via : Flickr.com/Eddie Crimmins


4. Click one by one the image link and see the preview until you find the main image you want to download.

INFO: Each image that appears in Inspect Element has several sizes, make sure you choose the best size which is more than 1000 px with the general characteristics of the image link ending in “_h” or “_b”.

5. After the image is found, right-click on the image in the preview then open in a new tab. Then you can save the image with Save image as…

Hooray… Now you can download any picture on Flickr!

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