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How To Solve Problem Copyright Notice On YouTube

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How To Solve Problem Copyright Notice On YouTube

If your account has never gotten a reprimand Copyright Notice, it is likely to be accepted as publishers Adsense ads will be greater. However, if your account has been or is still showing a notification about the commemoration of copyrighted content in your video collections, acceptable possibilities will be more difficult.

YouTube does have its own advertising that named Adsense where the YouTuber professional also uses this to display advertising on their videos. For use these ads to your YouTube video, the trick is pretty easy. You just need to enable Monetization of existing accounts on the Features and then wait a few days for the YouTube team to review your account.

After review by YouTube team and accepted, then the entire video you will contain advertising without the need of you adjust it again. However, you can also control the video which doesn’t want to be showing advertising.

If your account has already been fully accepted and broadcast ads, the last stage continues to promote video ye or ye channel continues to develop by means of diligent uploading videos that surely does not violate the TOS of YouTube.

On the other hand, many of the YouTuber who always want instant and not bother to create original videos. They thus will do re-upload the videos on YouTube to personal account belongs to them.

Even with this way, re-uploader very hated by the copyright owner, but not a few people who do it for personal gain.

WARNING: Reupload is wrong and the action is way strictly prohibited by YouTube due to spread the results of other people’s work without permission.

YouTube account proved to be exposed to violations or Copyright Notice would certainly be in suspend, can also be blocked by YouTube permanent if the account owner is not smart to editing video before re-upload.

Well, for you who want to try to do actions that are prohibited, there are several ways that can be done so that the video contains copyrighted content is not detected and exposed to the Copyright Notice. Here’s how:


How To Solve Problem Copyright Notice On YouTube


Speed Up / Slow Down Duration

With speed up or slow down audio duration detection, of course, YouTube will not be able to detect the audio in the video and how it includes the most frequently used by the owner of the video with the copyrighted song like a mixing songs, dj house, rap, and more.

Audio Mixer

To avoid the warning message about copyrighted content in particular audio content, you could do a mixer in the audio that you want to use. There is much software that can be used to do the audio mixer such as FL Studio software or such.

Changing Audio Bitrate

Bitrate is the term used to describe the amount of data that is processed in a specific amount of time. Depending on the context, the common measurement of the bitrate usually uses the term kilobyte per second (kbps) and Megabytes per second (Mbps). Any unit which is measured, the higher this bitrate figure, usually describing a high-quality file or the faster.

You can change its size to low (compress). By reducing the size of the bitrate, an audio sound produced will decrease and no similar to the original version again.

A lot of software that can be used to minimize the size of the audio as one of Mp3Resizer. In addition, many websites that provide online audio converter such as Mp3 Smaller.

Use Private Uploads

According to various sources that I have ever read, in order to avoid automatic detection, you are required to upload the video in Private mode. After the video was successfully uploaded, wait a couple of hours if there are any warnings or not. If no, change the view permission to Public.

Search Other Audio

The last is to use audio from other sites. For example, you are using an audio download from site A, if showing affected Copyright Notice, try to look for other audio on the site B and so on.

Remove Audio

Deleting audio is the last way you can do if your video contains copyrighted content in the sound section.

That’s a couple of ways that you can do to a video that you uploaded to YouTube is not detected as copyrighted content despite the fact that the content is copyrighted.

If you have another tip about avoiding YouTube detection automatically tool, please feel free to share it here in the comments field.

Good luck and hopefully useful.

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