How To Verify Blog In Google Webmaster

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How To Verify Blog In Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is authorized to service presented by Google especially for web or blog owner to verify ownership. In addition, to simplify and expedite indexing, Google Webmaster also has some tools that can be used to find out the number of visitors coming, the number of the page that appears in the search engine, the number of the error page, and much more.

The Google Webmasters become a benchmark that is accurate and reliable for research visitors. Google itself recommends that every blog owner and the web to add the site to Google Webmaster.

To add the address to your website or blog to Google Webmaster, simply open the page Google Search Console and add your domain address there.

But not as simple as it is, many bloggers and web owners are still very confused with Google Webmaster Console. Therefore, in this article, I want to share How To Verify Blog To Google Webmaster complete with pictures.

INFO: In order not to get confused, should you read this article while the practice directly.


How To Verify Blog In Google Webmaster


1. Sign in to your Gmail account and go to the Google Search Console page.

After opening Google Search Console the first time you will be shown a page to add the address of the site.

Add Property in Google Search Console

Enter the address of your site. Note in the writing of protocols between HTTP:// and HTTPS://, whether you use must match. It is very influential.

Add Domain in Google Search Console

2. If you already entering a website address, next you are required to verify ownership with a variety of ways. Choose one of several ways that provided by Google. The simplest way to WordPress non-hosted blog is to upload the file.

Verification Code Google Search Console

Download the HTML file that contains the verification code to the hosting you use. Put on the main directory that is /public_html/.

Where do I put it? Open hosting control panel and open File Manager and then navigate to the directory your site is generally in public_html. However, if you are building a site in a subdirectory put it there.

Upload Verification Code Google Search Console

3. The final step is to do the verification. This should be a success and there are also some people who failed in verify because of few things like putting wrong verification code or other.

Verification Google Search Console

If successful you will see a message like a picture below.

Success Verify Google Search Console

Until here you have successfully verified ownership of blogs or web in Google Search Console and you can see the performance of the site from the menu that was there. It does not appear immediately, but you must wait for the next few days.

Very easy and simple is not it?

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