Bluestacks vs NOX Which Is Better?
Bluestacks and Nox are both Android Emulator that is most familiar and frequently used by the public people to run Android applications and games on computer or Laptop. If you ask, Which is the best Android Emulator? Bluestacks or Nox? Then I will answer both of them equally the best! Why I can answer both… (5 comments)

How To Use FTP On Android Phone
FTP or File Transfer Protocol is now available on all major operating systems including Android phones. FTP itself is used by some computer software as a means to transfer files (send and receive) that we often we know the term upload and download. Not just in the computer, it turns out that the FTP protocol… (0 comment)

How To Use 2 or More WhatsApp in 1 Phones
Aside from being the world’s best chat application WhatsApp is also now known as the most secure application and can be trusted to send secret messages. Whatsapp uses the encryption end-to-end to protect each user’s mailbox so that it cannot be read by anyone except the sender and the recipient of the message itself. Security… (3 comments)