How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL
Because many people who have difficulty uploading large files to Google Drive so in this article I will discuss how to How To Upload Files To Google Drive From URL that can save the internet quota you because there is no need to download or upload a file from device. Simply by entering the URL… (3 comments)

How To Use FTP On Android Phone
FTP or File Transfer Protocol is now available on all major operating systems including Android phones. FTP itself is used by some computer software as a means to transfer files (send and receive) that we often we know the term upload and download. Not just in the computer, it turns out that the FTP protocol… (0 comment)

How To Verify Blog In Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster is authorized to service presented by Google especially for web or blog owner to verify ownership. In addition, to simplify and expedite indexing, Google Webmaster also has some tools that can be used to find out the number of visitors coming, the number of the page that appears in the search engine, the… (0 comment)

How To Create A Blog Using WordPress
WordPress is an open source web application is very popular and is used as a blog or website by most people who want the hassle create a website quickly. WordPress engine itself is built with a wide range of programming languages specifically the HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL as a database (allows to use other… (7 comments)